Chief Ray

Photogrammetric and Mapping Software


General Vector Operations

  • Vector addition, subtraction, scaling

  •  Dot product and cross product

  • Vector norm and normalization

  •  Inputs and output vectors can be either horizontal or vertical ranges

General Quaternion Operations and 3D Rotations

  • Rotation matrix ↔ quaternion conversion

  • Euler angles ↔ quaternion conversion

  • Quaternion multiplication (q=q1q2)

  • Vector rotation by a quaternion (v=qvq*)

Atmospheric refraction and velocity aberration

  • General atmospheric refraction correction model that uses atmospheric temperature and pressure, if available

  • Full relativistic velocity aberration corrections (“aberration of light”)

Ray Intersections

  • Ray-Ray intersection yields the midpoint and the minimum distance between two rays

  • Ray-Surface intersection for any ellipsoid of revolution (default WGS 84)



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